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What makes The Remedy's Method any different than what a dermatologist would prescribe?

My method is designed to fix the malfunction that's going on inside your body. I use a process that repairs the internal damage caused by inflammatory foods and environmental stressors. A dermatologist addresses isolated symptoms and prescribes medication to stop those symptoms, yet never addressing the root cause of what is causing the skin reaction. This is different than any other treatment plan because I go right to the source of the issue, and then strategically pinpoint your personal triggers through a series of phases. Not only does the system help heal your skin, but it will help you to make educated lifestyle and diet choices for the rest of your life that could potentially help you live longer and avoid chronic diseases caused by inflammation. 


 What all is included with my consultation?

  • Clinical study references so you can educate and empower yourself with knowledge of how your body works, and why certain foods affect some people more than others. 

  • A full grocery list for each phase of the protocol: I will tell you exactly what you need each week so there is no guessing on what you can and can not eat or how much you will need.

  • A list of acne-safe makeup, hair and skin products as well as a list of ingredients to avoid that are pore-clogging. 

  • A list of new lifestyle changes you can implement to prevent bacterial and chemical induced breakouts. 

  • A list of birth controls that are safe and also those that can contribute to acne. 

  • Meal ideas and recipes.

  • A full supplement guide and why these supplements are important in order to recover your skin.

  • Do's and dont's of skin care. 

I've tried everything. What if this doesn't work?


I understand the frustration because I have been there too! If it wasn't for struggling with acne for 10 years, I wouldn't be here today providing this service. That being said, I work with you until your skin is completely clear and you can manage it on your own. I actively update your protocol according to your needs and your progress, it's not a one size fits all program. I offer follow up calls every two weeks to make sure your staying on track until you no longer need me. 

Skin care that is for acne prone skin never cleared my acne, what's different about the products you use?

Often times skin care products that are marketed towards clearing skin only have trace amounts of active ingredients that have been shown to kill P. acnes bacteria. Only about 10% of acne is caused by bacteria, and the rest is caused by inflammation. The products I use are medical grade and are formulated to soothe, repair and nourish the skin.. which is the opposite of what most acne products do. We want to eliminate inflammation from the inside, and anything applied topically is for preventative measures and to help speed up any damage that was made from prior breakouts. 

You mentioned that you use fasting in your protocol, won't that be stressful and make me go into starvation mode?

Contrary to common beliefs, going without food for 12+ hours has actually been shown to increase longevity and allows your body to consolidate and get rid of old dying cells that contribute to inflammation. Starvation mode is actually something that has turned out to be beneficial to our physiology, imagine that!

Fasting has also been shown to dramatically improve gut health by allowing your body to kill off bad bacterial overgrowth in your gut. Bad bacteria secrete proteins that cause an inflammatory response, irritating you gut lining which then allows undigested food particles to enter your bloodstream. That chain reaction then leads to irritate skin and acne. Since bad bacteria has a shorter half life, if they are without food for more than 12 hours they begin to die off. We want to get you skin clear as fast as possible, so a little bit of time going without food ends up producing a huge reward: CLEAR SKIN, from the inside out! I will make sure you fully understand the risks and the benefits of fasting prior to starting so you feel comfortable committing to the process, and also will make sure that it is suitable for you. I do not use fasting for everyone!

I'm a foodie and I love variety in my diet, will this program allow me to still enjoy food like I did before?

I structured this program so that my clients could narrow their acne triggers down to only a handful of foods and products. By no means will the rest of your life be restrictive. If you stay consistent with the program, you will find what it is that is giving you acne instead of completely eliminating every acne trigger known to man. Everyone is different, just like some people tolerate dairy while others don't. We will find what works for you in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get back to living and enjoying more foods without the fear of breaking out. 

Let’s Work Together


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  • Go over protocol via phone call 

  • Order skin care products and supplements

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